With the clothing industry being so international, we soon realised that the only universal language was that of a smile. Growing up in the ‘rat race’ culture that modern London has become, one often forgets the power of a simple smile, a kind word, listening ear or honest compliment; all of which have the potential to turn someones day around.

For us, a day can be made. For others, a life can be turned around.

This was something we, at Collier Bristow, wanted to build towards with our charity work. After visiting Cambodia, our founder saw first hand the work the Cambodian Children’s Fund have been doing. This inspired him. Our idea was to come up with the ‘risu4risu’ concept, which comes from the latin word ‘smile’. Our vision is to always make customers happy and smile, swimwear epitomises this. Our mission is to transfer this into a smile of a child in need. £5 from every sale of swimwear, both men’s and women’s, will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Established in 2004, led by Scott Neeson, they have looked to transform the country’s most impoverished kids by lessons of leadership, education, family support and community development programs in order to turn them into tomorrow’s leaders. We couldn’t be more thrilled to help donate to their cause.


The difference between fashion and style is quality. At Collier Bristow we believe this starts with the fabrics we create our designs from. We pride ourselves on using the world’s best Italian and British mills with years of experience gaining their stellar reputations. These include cloths from Ermengildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Hawick Cashmere.

Whether a dress, blazer or t-shirt our views don’t change. As a team we travel the world to source the finest fabrics, regardless of the item, to finish with the best possible result. This has paid dividends with our reputation for quality T-shirts after sourcing the finest cottons Italy, Egypt and Turkey have to offer.

Be proud of the clothes you’re in


Cashmere comes from the under fleece of the Hircus goat. An extraordinary animal from an extraordinary climate. Native to Northern China and Mongolia, Hircus goats require two coats, essential for two very different purposes. To combat the harsh environment, they develop a rough outer hair that protects the softest and finest of fibres, keeping them warm in the brutal cold.

In spring, when the weather begins to change, goatherders harvest this delicate coat through a harmless combing procedure. Each animal will contribute 100 grams of cashmere resulting in one of the most precious and sort-after materials available.

Merino Wool

Originating from the Mediterranean, Merino is one of the oldest breeds of sheep prized for bright white and softer wool, making it one of the most important commodities in 18th Century Spain, to the point that King Alfonso of Spain banned their export due to its' importance to their economy. Today, New Zealand and Australia are the main exporters of this premium wool which we use to craft items such as our signature blazers and jumpers.


Obtained from moth caterpillars, silk embodies glamour. The shimmering appearance of silk is created through the prism-like structure of its fibres which refract light at different angles, producing different colours. We source our silk from Italy due to the superior finishing and printing procedures.


Cotton has long been the backbone of the fashion industry. Known for being a soft and breathable natural fibre it makes for the perfect material to craft our finest pieces, from keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to its unique fibre structure it’ll breath better than any oil-based synthetic fabric making life as comfortable as possible.




Brunch Club

Collier Bristow is more than just a fashion brand; its a lifestyle. After the success of several collaborations and Brunch Club parties at Chelsea’s leading venues, such as ‘The Phene', ‘8 over 8’, ‘The Worlds End Market’, ‘Alberts’ and ‘Raffles Night Club’, we believe the fun should never stop. Look out on our social media pages for information regarding future events.